January 31, 2009

Katie Calling

Lucy: I jump across my bed and reach over to grab the phone from my nightstand.

"Where ARE you?" my best friend Katie whines into my ear before I can even say hello. I can hear seagulls screeching in the background and the sound of the waves. I can picture Katie on the other end of the line, tossing her long black curls to one side and applying lip gloss while lying on her beach towel.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I reply, ducking down and peering below my bed for my missing pair of flip-flops. "I'll meet you at the beach in ten minutes."

"OK but hurry. I'm soooo bored right now!" Katie sighs.

Katie is always "soooo" something, I think with a smile. "Soooo" tired or "soooo" excited or "soooo" angry. Maybe that's why she's been my best friend for "soooo" long - since we were six, when Katie's dad's real estate company constructed the Fort Myers Paradise mega-mall downtown and her family moved into a huge house on a hill overlooking Fort Myers Beach.

"I promise, I'm hurrying!" I snap my phone shut just as I find my second flip-flop behind a pile of dirty clothes. Slipping it on, I grab my beach bag and run out the door to grab my bike, leaving my thoughts behind me.

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