January 19, 2009

Introducing Lucy Malone

It's pretty amazing the way your likes and dislikes can change so drastically as you grow up. For example, I used to hate mushrooms, and now I ask for them on top of everything from salads to hamburgers. And Taylor Swift. I used to make it clear that I hated country music in all forms. But when I actually listened to "Love Story," I, well, fell in love with it.

Finally, take my best friends in the entire world - Sara, Ellie, Hannah, Angelica and Gwynn. Not that I hated them when I first met them, but I wasn't putting any of them on my list of favorite things. And today, we couldn't be closer - which is why we're telling our story together.

But let me back up so you don't think I met these great girls and automatically didn't like them. That definitely wasn't the case - well, on my end anyway. I'll let them tell you their own feelings.

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