March 21, 2009

Turbulance Ahead

As our plane lifts off two weeks after we arrive in Connecticut, I wonder if my stomach is doing flip-flops because of the change in altitude or the anxiety of what's to come. Whenever I go on vacation (if this trip can even count as a vacation), I'm always afraid to go home. I worry that everything will have changed while I was gone, or that everyone will have forgotten about me. Silly, I know, but it always happens.

It doesn't help that I didn’t talk to Katie or Brandon the entire two weeks I was at Gretchen’s. I called Katie twice, and one time she sent me a short text back that just said “OMG hi! so sorry going out I'll call you later." But she never did. Not that that’s unusual – Katie can be a scatterbrain. She probably just didn’t think about it. I just hope she’s not mad at me or something…

And then there’s Brandon. I mean, I never really talk to him on the phone anyway – we just run over to each other's house if we want to talk – so I wasn't really expecting him to call me. But I thought maybe he'd send me an email or a text or something. I mean, two weeks is a long time. But nothing.

Not that it’s a big deal. I mean, why would he feel like he needed to talk? I’m sure nothing monumental has happened since I’ve been gone…

Plus, I remind myself as I adjust my position in the tiny airplane seat, it's not like I was sitting around waiting for them to call or anything.

My week was actually really busy. While Gretchen was putting the finishing touches on the fundraiser event she was planning for a big hospital client, Mom and I spent time watching Andrew and exploring Connecticut. We went to the aquarium, the beach, and we even took the train to nearby New York City for a day. It actually ended up being really fun – and it was good to spend time with Mom again. It was almost like the old times when we would laugh and be silly and just talk.

There was only one afternoon Mom and I didn't spend together, and it might be another reason why my stomach is in knots…


I jump as a cheery stewardess snaps me out of my daydream, pointing at my unbuckled waist.

Commenters: How do you feel when returning home from a vacation? Can you relate to Lucy?

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  1. I totally relate to Lucy! It feels great to have someone be excited that you're home and to care when you're gone. Katie's her best friend so Lucy definitely wants Katie to miss her. And Lucy seems that she just might have a secret crush on Brandon, so she must want him to care that she's gone :)