February 7, 2009

What Are Friends For?

Lucy: My stomach drops. “Huh?” is all I can manage.

“I mean, I know it’s stupid, but I know Katie likes those kind of things, and now that she broke up with Jason Keller, I just thought…” Brandon looks at his feet.

I scowl, shaking my head. “Wait, what? You and Katie? That doesn’t make sense!”

"Why not?” Brandon says, suddenly looking up and scowling. “You don’t think I’m good enough for her?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” I huff, rummaging in my bag for my keys, or my cell phone, or something to keep me from looking at him. “It’s just… you don’t have anything in common! And she’s never been that nice to you anyway, and, well, you don’t even dance!” I sputter, as my bag slips out of my hands and a handful of change, lip balm and sunscreen cascades onto the steps.

I bend down and begin scooping up everything in my arms. Why do I feel so angry all of a sudden?

Brandon squats down to help. We’re both silent for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” I say finally. “You are good enough for Katie.” I stand up. “But maybe she’s not good enough for you.”

He drops a few nickels and quarters into my bag. “Well, help me find out. Ask her what she thinks about me.”

I raise an eyebrow, then sigh. “Fine. But I’m not getting involved. And don’t cry to me when she gets back with Jason in a week.”

A wide smile spreads across his face, and he puts his hand on my elbow. “You rock, Luc. You really are the best.”

I smile tightly. “Yeah. I know.”

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